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Among the greatest real-time multiplayer games which its events are taking place in the world war 2 events, so take control over your army and direct them to the glorious and great nights, keep in mind that this game is demanding from its user a high IQ level in order to become successful but still using all the Medals of War cheats that you will make everything possible using a simple click.

Medals of War was made and published by “Nitro Games Oy” company and they have released it through the Android and IOS shops.

Quick Info About the Game Targets.

You better prepare yourself for the conflict as you’ll enter a challenge were you will be commanding out the troops in the battle, so you must be aware of the importance of saving them out and carrying on the shoulders the weight of the troops lives and how you going to get the mission successfully with the minimum number of casualties, all these parts will be dealt with in here at this Medals of War manual version so far.

Now we shall go through the first mission with all of its details, your main goal is to destroy the enemy HQ for the glory of Warland, and in order to have it completed you must learn the principles of the game and the pros and cons of every unit that is waiting for your command in your military.

Deploy The Units with Caution.

Your army units are found at the bottom bar of the screen, and each kind of these units will have an energy amount in order to get it deployed but do not worry since the energy will continue generating once it is consumed so that’s not a something you should be afraid of, but use the energy carefully since you don’t need to run out of it if the enemies will be closing up at your walls and going to deal severe damage to your HQ, that’s the reason you should understand how valuable our Medals of War tips to any player.

Follow The Given Instructions Below.
Bear in mind that holding the no man’s land will allow you to direct your artillery at the enemy HQ directly and this will get you close out of your objectives, and as the time passes and you are dealing damage to the enemies, there will be commands getting unlocked, these commands are special weapons that will deal instant damage and 100% guaranteed and nothing is actually able to prevent it from happening at any price.

So now once it is ready to be deployed make certain that you are shaking the enemy in their pants with the ability of these special weapons.

Smart Tactics to Guarantee You a Win.
Use your officer’s commands with all the command points that you get whenever you employ troops, so the officers will consume a lot of energy points but it is totally worth it since they will normally deal much large amount of damage that will bring the success right under your toes.

And of Course, there will be benefits waiting for you to collect in the end but all these benefits are nothing compared to the gold, keys or gas which you shall receive from the majority of War cheats after you start using, and in addition, it is completely safe and protected.

Employ Necessary Upgrades with Help of Medals of War hack.
You’re able to play in over 85 campaign assignments to kill your time and revel in a fantastic storyline at precisely the same time, but as soon as you arrive at the level 5 to your main character subsequently the rated matches will become readily available for you to play in and enjoy it.

Ranked matches are typically very aggressive that can heat up the battle and make you shake in the trousers as you have done before to your enemies, that’s the reason the Medals of War hack is still something very necessary because it will cover all your expenses which means that you can simply now upgrade and boost your military powers and total strength.

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