Learn Exactly How I Improved Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery with This Hack, Hints, And Guide Walkthrough


Learn Exactly How I Improved Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery with This Hack, Hints, And Guide Walkthrough

Learn Exactly How I Improved Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery with This Hack, Hints, And Guide Walkthrough

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery, a brand-new mobile game by Jam City is currently available globally. In the game, you play as a pupil at Hogwarts university and uncover the mysteries linked to a brother.

And the most frequent problem you may face in this game is “energy”. The game utilizes the energy system; energy points need to complete the quest tasks. And these points are restricted, re-generates following every few minutes. No electricity points = No gameplay! And you can not leave an ongoing task without completing it. Nonetheless, in short-term quests, you will not face this issue. In this informative article, we have covered all about the game you want to know; Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery cheats, hints, hints, and walkthrough manual to play like a pro!

Get Started — The Basic — Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

The game begins with a tutorial where you learn about the fundamental of the mobile game; the way to perform Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery mobile game, about casting spells, quests action, interacting, and even more. After the tutorial, it is possible to manually play with the game as you want.

The Basic; All you have to do is complete the quest tasks; all these jobs include lecture attending, learn spells, flying, plus much more. After you finish the quest, you need to opt for a particular reward; coin, energy, or diamonds. As stated above, energy is crucial, limited, you may face many problems due to this energy system. Energy re-generates following every few minutes!

But nonetheless, there are hidden resources to obtain energy points. Presently, I know six ways to acquire free energy tips, mentioned below in Hogwarts Mystery cheats section.

Collect Free Secret Energy Easter Eggs

Been in the middle of a class or quest and require only a couple additional energy to finish it all off? The good news is Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery does possess several nifty little easter eggs which unlock a few more bits of energy. It’s uncertain yet how often these can be used daily. It appears to be approximately 2-3 times each day so perhaps every 8 hours approximately. Here is where you’ll find all of the secret energy from the mobile game. If you aren’t’ sure the best way to get to those locations, simply tap on the staircase icon on the left side of your game display and it will show you a listing of all of the places you can visit. Most locations hold one secret energy easter egg.

Charms, Potions and Flying Lessons all come with special perks that they give you, but Flying is useful for getting more energy. Each new flying skill you learn increases your maximum energy level by one point.

Plan Star Activities Gradually

Besides collecting free energy, you have to carefully plan your moves during events which need energy. There doesn’t seem to be a fixed quantity of energy every action uses but from what we’ve seen it appears to be in multiples of five. By way of example, a one-hour activity tends to take 5 to 10 energy per celebrity depending how many stars are in the action. An eight-hour action, however, tends to take roughly 20 energy per star. As you’re given a couple of different action choices that require different amounts of electricity, try to choose the ones that will equal sets of 5 or 10 celebrities without going over, because the excess energy used doesn’t count towards another star. For example, if you’re working on a 10 energy star and you do a 4-energy activity, followed by two 5-energy activities you’ll have invested 14 energy when only 10 was needed, wasting four energy. You are able to tap a task once to determine just how much energy it takes, then tap an unlit portion of the game screen to deselect it if you want to do another one instead.

Since energy plays an essential role in the game, it is a good thought to allow notifications for the mobile game inside your device’s Settings app. This way as soon as your energy is replenished you’ll be alerted and will not overlook completing a significant mission.

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