Bug Detectors Provide Security for Home and Business

In today’s modern society in which high tech reigns supreme, it’s more important than ever to guard our homes and companies against folks who would photograph, video recording, and listen in to our personal business and personal lives for the purpose of stealing information. Fortunately, there are many types of pest sensors that enable us to prevent this type of information theft.

For example, an acoustic sound generator is a type of bug detector that makes an audio blanket which can be used to defeat bugs placed in walls, ceilings, windows, much plumbing and ac ducts. Additionally, there are audio jammers you may purchase that could desensitize hidden microphones by creating a random masking sound. These jammers protect room conversations thereby preventing sensitive information from being leaked out to unwanted sources and thought to steal competitors.

Other kinds of bug detectors, such as an analog and digital RF sensor and frequency counter, are the perfect instruments to use for radio frequency detection. Then there are also mobile phone detectors that alert the user instantly whenever a cell phone was switched from as far away as cubic feet. With one of these ingenious apparatus, you no longer have to worry if a person is carrying a concealed mobile phone on their individual for covert reasons. Should they turn it on to the purpose of having somebody else listen in or record a conversation you’re having, this little device will inform you immediately so that you may make them turn it off or send them on their way?

Author: Edward Philips

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