A Surprising Hack Tool To Help Your My Oasis


A Surprising Hack Tool To Help Your My Oasis

A Surprising Hack Tool To Help Your My Oasis

My Oasis Hack enables you to obtain all things at no cost. Below you may see all of the cheats required to hack My Oasis. All these Cheats for My Oasis Relaxing Sanctuary work on all iOS and Android devices. You will also not need a jailbreak or frozen telephone. Using our site you don’t need to download a hack tool, therefore it’s safer.

There are just a few mobile games as relaxing as My Oasis is, even though many claims to be a relaxing game. However, this one manages to supply the perfect combination in terms of gameplay, beautiful graphics and wonderful music that you always end up your play session feeling better, happier, more relaxed. I know this isn’t a game with a real aggressive side, but in the event that you still want to do better or at least be sure that you don’t miss some of its hidden attributes — then check out our My Oasis cheats and tips.

Do play this game at your own pace and find your rhythm and make sure to always enjoy the encounter (so playing with the audio turned on is a must). But today let’s not waste any time and let us check out some My Oasis — Relaxing Sanctuary hints and tricks below.

Get help for the music

Tap these and they will start enjoying some notes. Unless you truly have some abilities in this region, you will probably have a difficult time replicating the notes yourself in order to tote the reward.

But for this, there’s a supporting hand: you can watch a video advertising and also for 10 minutes, each time a musical note is pressed, so you will realize the order to tap them in at the base of the display. Make sure that you always activate this, otherwise dismiss the musical notes completely as they can easily turn into a frustrating experience. And we don’t really want that when we’re playing this kind of relaxing game in general!

Be a God with the help of musical notes

A feature that not many know of — but a very fun one nevertheless is that you can control character and various characteristics of the mobile game by tapping the musical notes in a particular order. You don’t need to do a great deal of guesswork, however since the notes you have unlocked are accessible by tapping on the sun behind the clouds icon at the upper right corner of this screen.

These do not have some influence over the gameplay but provide you the choice to change some things and create the mobile game your own a bit more. Plus it’s really fun and increases the comfort levels, so be sure that you provide this feature a try. And remember the greater your progress in the game, the more combinations you may unlock!

Complete Journeys

Journeys represent an excellent method for you to receive some puzzle pieces and bag some extra benefits for doing things that you would usually do in the game anyway. Complete all journeys till they become too difficult to grasp, and make sure you return to them every now and then so as to attempt again and complete them. The longer you do, the more puzzle pieces you’ve got. In Addition, You’ll Also unlock treasures this way (more about treasures below)

Harness the figures and chest

Aside from the musical notes, occasionally the various things in your oasis may possess three dots above them. Tapping that will reward you with a large amount of hearts, so be certain you do it when they look.

There’s also a chest that appears every now and then in the center of the oasis. Harness that also and unlock it watching advertisements. It will hold massive quantities of hearts on most events, but also premium currency, so it’s a great concept to keep unlocking those as well so as to progress quicker.

Keep Your Eye on skills and Dandelion seeds

New abilities are unlocked as you level up your Oasis and, once unlocked, you can use them to improve your earnings. Combining them generally leads to humongous hearts gains, so make certain you do this and trigger them in the right order (for instance, you would like to trigger Cherry Blossoms before Nature’s Affection so as to get even more hearts).

As you tap, you also accumulate Dandelion Seeds. You can trigger the feature using a minimum of 1 dandelion seed and a maximum of 30. This will reward you with the number of hearts per minute dependent on the current level of your Dandelion Seeds skill and the number of seeds you have when you activate it decides the number of seconds it’ll be busy (10 minutes for every seed). It’s a fantastic idea to calculate the degree of this ability prior to each use so as to improve your rewards.

Keep an eye on the treasures

You will find 15 treasures which you can unlock in the game at the moment and they are all pretty difficult to get to. But keep an eye on these and know the prerequisites for every and work your way to unlocking them one by one. They provide substantial bonuses to your hearts gains so they’re worth keeping close.

These are our tips and techniques for the relaxing cellular game My Oasis. In case you have extra strategies to talk with fellow players, do not hesitate to let us know by commenting below.

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