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Cybersecurity For The 21st Century, Hacking Challenge: Change this websites homepage picture and win $10K and a position working with Senior Cybersecurity Advisor, Joe Black

At Black & Berg Security Consulting, LLC we help business owners and local governments on the West coast implement the resources from DOD, NSA, ISC2, ISACA, Microsoft, ISO, NIST, PCI, SBA, FTC, FBI, DHS, and the US Department  of Commerce that will help protect them from cyber crime.


                We are a leading Midwest Cybersecurity Consulting Firm specializing in combating Cybercrime among businesses and local municipalities.  We help companies of all sizes implement the resources from Department of Defense, NSA, CIA, (ISC)2, ISACA, Microsoft, ISO, NIST, PCI, SBA, FTC, DHS, CompTIA, EC-Council and the US Department of Commerce to name just a few. Our countermeasures are Internationally recognized and shown effective in denying Hackers and their tools access to America’s systems. 

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                Examples of your threats include: computer hacking, denial-of-service, malicious Hackers, Cyberterrorists, state sponsored government backed Spies, Actors from foreign intelligence agencies, the insidious Hacker group Anonymous, laptop theft, insider abuse, computer viruses, and computers made into bots.  We work with our clients in identifying security needs, establishing industry best practices, and ensuring your business is updated.  To the many businesses throughout our region, our message is simple – being smart means being secure.  Cybersecurity is not an option for your business anymore,  it is paramount to your company’s survival and America’s prosperity. 



“Why should you protect your business information, computers, and networks?  Because it’s the right thing to do.  And, you want to be able to sleep at night!”    5/13/10

Richard Kissel CISSP, CISM, NSA-IAM 

Senior Information Security Analyst

National Institute of Standards and Technology


“As a security professional, ethics and morality is our business.  Stay true to yourself.  As any farmer will tell you, only a fool lets a fox guard the henhouse.”    5/17/2010
John Madison Benson III CISSP, NSA-4011
Certified Ethical Hacker
Information Assurance Subject Matter Expert
US Bureau Of Engraving and Printing,  SRA International

“Black and Berg Cybersecurity Consulting is an early 21st century response to the United States Senate’s request for private sector intervention in order to raise our National security posture.  The US government, business, and civil sectors are working directly with Black & Berg to ensure the success of our aggressive campaign to combat Cyberterrorism.  We cannot fail in our mission to secure American Cyberspace with the application of a Megacommunity. For if we do fail, then, we really have no choice but to recommend the hand over of complete control of privately owned systems to the Executive Branch of the United States Government.”    5/13/2010

Joe Black CISSP 318019, CISM, NSA-4011, Security+

Certified Ethical Hacker

Senior Cybersecurity Advisor / CEO

Black & Berg Cybersecurity Consulting, LLC

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